Get the Creative Juices Flowing

Staying Creative

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Staying creative can become the hardest part of being creative. But when being creative is most important, it is generally when you feel like you aren't at all. But, there are so many things you can do to make sure that you are staying creative. Here you will find a list of 29 things that can keep your creativity flowing. Some of those include taking breaks, listening to new music, going somewhere new, surrounding yourself with creative people, and many more. Check the list out here to see.

Generating New Ideas

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Another rough part of being creative is generating new ideas. Often times people fall into a slump and can't think of new ideas. So in order to find new ideas there are a few things you can do to help. You can break your thinking pattern, connect things to unconnected situations, change your perspective, and use enablers to help come up with new ideas. Look here to find more details and ideas of how you can come up with new exciting ideas. Being creative doesn’t have to be hard.

Sharing Your Creativity

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The last step of being creative is actually sharing it with others. Not only for yourself but also to help others come up with new ideas or inspire other individuals. Although sharing your creations can be a bit nerve racking it is what will help your future creativity. Some of the most popular ways of sharing your creativity are artwork, music, writing, media, photography, dance, home decorating, and through your fashion or style. You don’t need to be artistic. Find more details of how to share your creations here.

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